IEEE Update 0x08, Year 0x7E2

Open positions for 2018-2019 executive and open subcommittee positions.

for Students in Second-Year:

I regret to inform all second-year students that the IEEE Student Branch does not hold tutorials for EE232 primarily because Professor Kostiuk holds the tutorials himself.

Executive Team Positions:

There are several positions available in both the IEEE Student Branch Executive Team as well as the IEEE subcommittees, namely:

Third Year Representatives (max. of 2): The third-year representatives are the liaison of the IEEE Student Branch with the rest of the student body. You’re in charge of making weekly announcements (e.g. pizza sales, Illumination, outreach events) in front of your class.

Subcommittee positions:

Note: We will eventually transition to official IEEE Student Branch emails, but for now you can contact us via our NSIDs.

Academic Team: Currently, the academic coordinator position oversees SPARC and the various second-year academic tutorials. This year, we’re looking into expanding this list of responsibilities by introducing a subcommittee that aims to raise awareness of what electrical and computer engineers do. To achieve this goal, we’re planning on doing a variety of presentations in front of middle and high school students in the city. We want to tap into the existing knowledge base of the student body, so if you have a cool personal project that you would like to show to people, or if you want to help out in the logistics of this undertaking, contact Arzen at acm442@mail.usask.ca

Community Outreach Team: As voted for in our most recent AGM, we are replacing the High Voltage Classic (HVC) position with that of the Community Outreach Director. The primary reason for this change is because for the past few years, the street hockey tournament for charity has been lacking in student body engagement. In addition, there are a few activities that some members of the student body have expressed interest in (e.g. dodgeball archery, hackathon, video games tournaments). As a group, we see more potential in these activities, and we’re hoping that by changing things, we’ll be able to get the student body actively involved again which in turn would raise more money for charity. We’ll be needing people to help set up and promote these events, so if you’re interested in being part of this committee, contact Avery at aqh631@mail.usask.ca

Illumination Team: Illumination is the annual IEEE two-day conference wherein we invite speakers from various industries to talk about their career paths and/or the latest technology in their respective fields. This student-led event is a chance to network with professionals from across a variety of large companies and start-ups. The Illumination coordinator needs people who will handle corporate sponsorships, advertising, logistics, and finding speakers. If you’re interested in helping make Illumination 2019 a success, contact Maisha at mnn525@mail.usask.ca

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with all your exams!

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