IEEE Update 0x04, Year 0x7E2

HVC volunteer opportunities, pizza sales, and more.

High Voltage Classic 2018:

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us organize and manage the HVC 2018. HVC is a street hockey event for charity which is happening on March 10, 2018. Anyone regardless of the discipline can participate. The volunteer schedule is very flexible. Email mnn525@mail.usask.ca for more information. 

Pizza Sales:
The IEEE will be selling pizza at the usual spot on the 2nd floor on Thursday at lunch. 
Buy an IEEE Membership Today!
But why buy one? This year, our memberships come with the following incentives:
  1. First 30 memberships sold this year come with a free locker in the C wing(RUNNING LOW). This locker is ONLY for the next two semesters. 
  2. FREE half pad of our signature IEEE branded eng paper!
  3. Discounts on our various events
  4. Discounts at the Hose and Hydrant
  5. Access to all IEEE materials and resources provided online
Come to McNaughton at 2C54 to get your membership today!!
Our robotics club is currently looking for new members! Learn how to program and use micro controllers, sensors, radios, and more! Email alex.mcnabb@usask.ca for more information.
Textbook Sale:
Come to McNaughton at 2C54 for used textbooks! We have books for second and third year classes, check the link to see if we have one you need.
If you have a textbook to sell, please bring it to 2C54 to make some quick cash!
That's all folks, see you next week
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