Who We Are

We are an extremely active student branch of the IEEE, based at the University of Saskatchewan. Our branch was first established in 1957. We handle all the social, academic, and charitable needs of the Electrical and Computer Engineering undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan.


Our academic activities are designed with the intention of helping the scholastic and professional endeavors of our members. The academic activities that our branch provides include:

  • The SPARC program, with the purpose of providing new students with an opportunity to become familiar with lab equipment and assemble their own circuits.

  • The organization of midterm and final exam tutorials for second and third year EE/CME classes.

  • An annual industry tour trip to Edmonton or Calgary

  • The IEEE Illumination conference, held annually. The purpose of Illumination is to educate students on the industry through technical and soft-skill talks and help students improve their networking skills. You can learn more about IEEE Illumination here.

  • An annual graduation banquet that recognizes the hard work and dedication of our student body

  • We provide the following academic services out of our McNaughton Centre:

    • A reference library, which includes textbooks for almost all EE and CME classes available at the college

    • Exam files

    • Job postings relevant to EE and CME students


Our branch organizes two annual charity events, with the purpose of giving back to the community of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Christmas Party: With the help of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Associate, we provide a Christmas party for young boys and girls who are waiting for big brothers or sisters.

  • High Voltage Classic Road Hockey Tournament: Our branch organizes this annual hockey tournament in order to raise money for the charity chosen for that year.


Our branch organizes social activities, designed to prevent 'brain drain' in our members and to give the student body an opportunity to socialize in a more relaxed atmosphere. The social events that our branch organizes include:

  • A 'Welcome Back' barbeque held at the beginning of the school year, giving new or returning members the chance to meet with upper years as well as faculty.

  • The annual student/professor bowling night, allowing students to network with their professors

  • Bxxr nights as well as pub crawls with the hope of improving students' spirits

  • The Billington Cup Pool Tournament, with provides graduating students the chance to seek revenge against professors on the billiards table

  • An annual poker tournament

Our Goals

The goals of the U of S IEEE Student Branch are to:

  • Provide activities that meet the needs of students and increase their quality of life as a student

  • Increase participation of both students that are new or returning to the Electrical and Computer Engineering discipline

  • Improve communication between professor and students

  • Assistant students in becoming more familiar with the local industry and expanding their professional network